Many people who are looking for winning techniques are not a few in football betting past predictions or other tips. There is nothing wrong when you search for ball predictions or tips circulating. Because you don’t need to do anything from the website. And most importantly, you should never make a purchase of leaks or anything that promises a 100% victory. Here are four tricks that can make you win continuously in online soccer gambling games, you can use in Agen Maxbet Terpercaya. we will use the folding betting technique to get a lot of wins.

This betting technique can be applied with the ball prediction you get. – All Win

1. Installing Goal Total Bets

Maybe a lot of you rarely install for Total Goals. This bet is guessing how many goals will be scored in periods of 2 x 45 minutes. The following techniques use this trick:

You can find predictions from the ball prediction website or the agen maxbet terpercaya according to your belief.After that you can dig up the total betting exchange on your online trust soccer gambling website then attach the number of goals you get from the ball prediction website.

The advantage of betting a total goal is that you will not get negative odds. Besides that there are also high odds available. After you win the bet, look for the next exchange again and pair all your wins from the previous bet. If you have successfully folded your winnings three times, do the balance withdrawal.

2. Bet on the Correct Score

Did you know that there are types of bets in order to win no small without having to play mix parlay? Playing the correct score is the same as playing parlay with just one tip.

You can see from the picture above, the odds handed are very high. You can use the tips you get from your favorite ball prediction website. By using this trick, you don’t need to fold your bet. Because the winnings you get are quite large.

3. Kick Off bet

With this bet you only need to predict which team will work on the kick off. we can do a little bet on some of the available betting exchanges. You pretty much choose the home team because most of the kick off will be carried out by the host team.

4. Half / Full Time Bets

For those of you who don’t understand this type of bet, here’s the explanation.

-HH = Home wins in round one and second round.
-HD = Home wins in the first round and in the second round.
-HA = Home wins in the first round and Away wins in the second round.
-DH = Draw in the first 45 minutes and Home wins in the second round.
-DD ​​= Match Draw both in the first round and in the second round.
-DA = Draw in the first round and Away win in the second round.
-AH = Away Win in the first round, and Home wins in the second round.
-AD = Away wins in the first round and draws in the second round.
-AA = Away wins in the first and second rounds.

You can use the prediction tips you get to predict the final results. But for the first round you need to judge for yourself how the match is running.

Of the four tricks above you still have to assess from a number of aspects before starting to install. Like choosing the team you will play, the strength of each team that you can see from the last five games. This article we will discuss about how to choose a team for the mix parlay bet to win. So, our writings, when this works, may work for you.