The casinos, whether terrestrial or online, have a sulphurous reputation: they are considered as places of perdition managed by people more or less shady … which does not prevent many of us from returning . Yet we are almost all losers in the longer term.

Why do we leave feathers? To reject the sole responsibility on the casinos would be too easy, even if their existence is obviously due to their economic profitability.

It’s up to us not to be fooled by becoming aware of their interests and disciplining our practice, so that the game remains a pleasure and eventually to win a little more often.


From the outside, all  the casino cities in the world  have in common:

  • Enhancing the game rooms with lights, chrome and a sense of luxury: they are a place of pleasure
  • The promise of easy winnings: you will come out maybe rich

But it is clearly within the casino itself that everything is done for you to spend a maximum of your nest egg. Even when you win, it’s unlikely you’ll come out with your winnings. Here’s why.


Once past the gates of the casino and after a few moments spent playing, the rooms are designed in such a way that you will not have the same notion of space, nor the same time :

  • A casino is not a single, large, well-lit room. The interior architecture is such that it has many nooks, and the lighting, far from being violent, creates a cozy atmosphere unfavorable to a clear view of the place. The biggest are even real labyrinths, so you’ll spend a lot of time tempted by the games on your way.
  • Clocks are very rare so you stay longer : the longer you stay, the more you play and the more chances you have to lose everything. Rare windows and quickly drawn curtains also allow casinos to play on the lack of clear distinction between day and night.



This stems in part from the previous points, but it requires other tips, some well known:

  • Noise and flashing of the winning slot machines
  • Complicity of the croupiers with the winners; encouragement from them against the losers
  • Sometimes, gifts to the key if you play a little more, depending on countries and institutions: discount on the hotel night or meal, free drinks, cigarettes, 10% of chips offered …
  • Here again, depending on the country, some bus services pick up regular customers at home … and in private jet the biggest!
  • Online, some make the withdrawal of winnings difficult … the time you play them and lose!

For anecdote: a member of our editorial staff experienced the latest case from the inside several years ago.Working at a small bookmaker abroad, he was confronted with the case of a player who won several tens of thousands of euros, a very substantial sum that could have endangered society. Resolved to pay honestly, it has however left a period of several days. It was enough for the player in question to lose all of his winnings! 


How can a pregnant woman or an octogenarian play for up to 24 hours in a row?  The answer is simple: the environment makes you forget fatigue more efficiently than 1 liter of Red Bull.

The ergonomics of the seats, first of all, have been specially designed to make the sitting posture comfortable for several hours at a stretch. In addition, the lighting is such that eye fatigue is very limited, including when you are spellbound by a slot machine.

More surprisingly, the institution’s “olfactory signature” has smells stimulating the hormones of well-being and excitement in your brain: it’s science at the service of gambling!


Have you ever wondered why croupiers are generally young and dynamic? This is certainly because their remuneration is attractive, but not only: their job is to siphon as much as possible your portfolio. The moral problem that is posed to them, especially in the face of the players they know to be addicted or in distress, does not usually hold them much more than 4 or 5 years …