Indonesian gamblers are listed as the top 3 in Singapore. However, this matter is considered not a proposition to legalize gambling in Indonesia.

Why does this dear country not allow gambling? Whereas gambling is a big turnover in a country. Look at Las Vegas as among the world’s greatest gambling spots, see Genting in Malaysia.

In the past, in fact, Indonesia has a legal SDSB gambling officially inaugurated by the father of Governor Ali Sadikin, he once spoke “If all the members of the council do not want to proceed on the asphalt which proceeds from the proceeds of gambling please take a helicopter to lead to the House of Representatives”, so roughly he said.

Some economists have said when in Indonesia legalize gambling, all gamblers from Indonesia do not need to waste money in the country people, this business can be a foreign exchange in this country. Suppose On the island of X in this country started a gambling location, it is concentrated just there do not exist outside the island x, and there is a law if someone is playing gambling not on the location that has been provided then it is mandatory for the authorities in order to crack down .

It is not impossible even the Indonesian economy as a whole can increase, because this game is very liked by people who in fact have excess money. So it can be a source of state income.

Winning Gambling

There is a north pole of course there is a south pole, the difference is also expressed by the Chairman of Forum Warga Jakarta (FAKTA), he spoke “Do not assume to legalize gambling in Indonesia”.

Based on his statement, legalizing gambling is equivalent to other words by legalizing anesthesia. Making people have the dream of earning money many times, but actually makes the person more miserable.

“Just imagine, later unemployment does not have money, think the capital gamble 10 can be 1,000. Instead of looking for work actually spend the time and money in gambling location “he explained.

Recognition was published from his mouth, it is not a few gamblers in Indonesia who drain the money in casinos overseas. However, he believes that some Indonesians will disregard the legalization of gambling, even in isolated and isolated locations.

“Back in 2006, there was a discourse to make a casino in Kepulauan Seribu. But the community strongly denies the discourse, “he said.

It needs to be reviewed, because most gambling usually traps the poor. The following groups will want to earn money quickly through gambling lottery numbers, shuffle cards, or football scores.

But there is a dividend in gambling, not even a few reliable poker agents who even ban players under age and who are too addictive in gambling. Some dividends can be learned:

Economic Improvement: The misplaced economy that drives gambling is legalized, because gambling will benefit the country because the location of live gambling will pay the tax already in use for each business that is legal. Not only profitable for state taxes, gambling locations also increase tourism, because not a few number of annual visitors who increasingly come to come to Las Vegas and other gambling locations to play gambling. Making billions of dollars and tens of thousands of activities in all the world, legal gambling is a unique way to correct a troubled global economy.

Legal Behavior: If a person is forbidden to do what they like, then the person is not away from him, it will be closer to him, just as his business is playing gambling. If a country gambling gambling, more and more people will work on illegal gambling and go drain money in the country of people who will benefit the country because of illegal gambling laws in his country. And because this argument is not a few countries that legalize gambling and minimize the behavior of people who like to play illegal games.

Family Income: If your family is a gambling player, or even you are a professional and successful player your family is worth the bang and luck because you are able to improve the economy in the family. Because, as it is known that playing gambling will increase economic income when gamblers play well and professionally. And even more happy is, if the gambling house they come to has become legal will not create anxiety because it does not need to play with clandestine.

Entertainment: Finally, legalized gambling dividends provide a safe and unique technique for stress relief. Online gamblers who know that their legal activities will be far less likely to be less stressed than those who should ponder the bleak legal standing in a game they love.