Who does not know Game of Thrones? The drama series of fantasy genre is launched according to a novel adaptation entitled “A Song of Ice and Fire”. The storyline tells of a world filled with political and magical elements. You who like the mysterious and mystical things, then according to follow this series. There is not a bit of character generated in the drama that is phenomenal and loaded with unexpected events. Surely you will be created always waiting for who next will be OFF?

Game Of Thrones
In Europe, there is a Betting organization that opens a gamble for this. Interested? certainly the more deg2 an watching it, in addition to the dead, fulus ente can disappear because of gambling. – – ‘Mending your analysis first a number of possibilities:

Cersei Lannister
Cersei now has a favorable position because it has the ‘iron throne’. Who would have thought the end of this aunt can also sit sweet in the hot seat after having owned by his own children Tommen and Joffrey. If witnessed from positions and interests, then Cersei Lannister has to be able to live a fairly large, ie 70%.

Olenna Tyrell
Olenna Tyrell is known as “Queen of Thorns”. Had a super furious grudge at Cersei Lannister for killing all his family. This grandmother is known amongst the clever characters and intends to work on revenge. However, Cersei Lannister still has more power, so this grandmother might win is rather small. Olenna Tyrell has a 60% chance of survival.

Samwell Tarly
Samwell Tarly became a figure who has a character the longer the stronger to be loved. If Batman has Alfred, then Jon Snow has Samwell Tarly. Actually, from so many dramas, Sam’s character is almost guaranteed to die, but it’s different in the Game of Throne, as if the author was deliberately killing a very touching character to make an unexpected tragedy of death . So in this case could be Samwell Tarly live or not is 50%.
When is a reliable agent there can be a bet like this. Watching season 9 will be super deg-degan, tv can be destroyed when the real champion created dead.

Brienne of Tarth
Brienne is a bongsor female warrior who has a noble and kind nature. However, imitating from Ned Stark, in this movie very good people would easily die. Plus, in the absence of Brienne, it looks like this movie will not have a big impact, so the analysis indicates a 40% chance for Brienne’s life.

Petyr Baelish
Petyr Baelish a.k.a Littlefinger comes as a character who very often jumps for interests, like iguanas, this om has adaptable skills in any environment and can take dividends from any condition. Petry’s character became one of the audience’s favorite to be killed in this series. The hope, Petyr Baelish must be killed by Sansa or Robin Arryn? Funnily enough, Petry has a lower chance of survival than Brienne, 35%.

Tormund Giantsbane
Tormund Giantsbane arguably became the main character for the Wildling, his friendship with Jon Snow quite liked by not a few spectators. Although Tormund is usually hard to beat, all bets predict this season is the last season of Tormund Giantsbane. Opportunities for Tormund are 25%.

Theon Greyjoy
Who is the figure who has been so miserable since season 1? yup very true, Theon Greyjoy the winner. From the time he was rushed to Winterfell, back home was not declared to be heir, shaved ‘anu’-sama Ramsay, until disalip same as his uncle and younger sister in order to be the heir of Iron Islands. The betters seem to expect Theon’s suffering to end with a 18% chance of survival.

Gray Worm
For a long time the Daenerys alliance did not fall victim, among the victims who are quite dominant is the Gray Worm leader Unsullied. Although always successful escape from death, in the next battle, this character is desired to feel defeat. And it could be his life is only about 15%.
If you go betting on the Game of Thrones, what would be like watching a soccer game while gambling. Not an invitation, please set yourself. huehuehue.