This is the most popular casino game. People imagine they can easily cash big gains and the rules are easily assimilated. In addition to those who have their habits and superstition, some players are looking for techniques or strategies to win. The reality is harder:

  • Any machine with a fixed redistribution rate , for example 80% (for € 100 that a player put in, € 80 can be paid back to him). You can not go through it.
  • It is said that by making the maximum bet each time, your odds would be slightly better and you will claim the maximum winnings. That makes you lose more when you lose, that is, often, and more, it’s just a legend.
  • You may think that the highest progressive jackpot machines , ie the jackpots that get bigger by the stakes, give you more chances to win them. This is not necessarily true, or at least it would be like thinking that the more the jackpot of the Lotto has grown, the more likely you are to win …
  • In the same vein, there is no machine more or less “hot” : even if it comes to offer a nice jackpot, the probabilities remain the same.
  • The programming of the devices is clever: for example, the reel would have made you win 1 symbol a huge gain, which makes you want to try again because “you’re almost there.” In reality, not at all …

Another emblematic game, roulette and its variations (American, French, English, European), by nature, reserves its gains only to the lucky ones. By definition, it is almost impossible to win because it is random blind.

Many will want to try a martingale , that is to say, a winning strategy every time. Basically, it consists of only bet on the red color or the black color, and to double its stake in case of loss. On paper, the technique seems infallible. In reality :

  • It is ruinous, in the sense that you must quickly bet large sums, with the risk of losing when you can no longer follow. It is indeed not uncommon for the same color to come out 10 times in a row!
  • It does not earn more than the amount of the initial bet.
  • The casinotiers know it by heart and after having doubled thus 4 or 5 turns, you will be nicely removed from the table …

In addition, some variants are the wealth of institutions. This is especially the case of the American with its extra double zero box, which optimizes the advantage for the House of more than 5%.

In sum, if the game remains one of the most entertaining, the expectation of earnings is it negative. Moreover, the smart guy who wants to put 1 token on each issue would still lose. Indeed, if the correct number comes out, you receive 35 times the bet. But there are 36 numbers!


The case of blackjack is quite different from the 2 previous, in the sense that it is not considered a game of chance . You have the choice:

  • You practice it as the uninformed lambda player who believes in his luck and loses in the medium or long term
  • You consider ways to win more often that require reflection on the game

Indeed, your decisions affect your chances of winning. A bit like poker, it is possible to calculate its odds, that is to say, its probabilities of winning the shot based on his cards and those remaining in the pack. Moreover, casinos know it and have banned the use of blackjack card counters: you must therefore proceed mentally. The thing is complex and is the privilege only rare passionate.

Here are some things everyone can consider:

  • The more cards in the game, the less favorable the statistics are.
  • Some variants are much more advantageous for the institutions, for example the progressive blackjack (the part of chance there is much more important)
  • There are sometimes rules to double, which limit this possibility only for certain totals
  • Pay attention to the redistribution rate that is indicated on your table

Like blackjack, poker is a strategy game, as long as you want to progress and not be put off by odds calculations.

However, the case is a bit more complex because you play against opponents. But even when calculating your odds appropriately, most of them will play at random and will bet according to their mood … Also, even a good player can suffer some disappointment against an opponent who followed to the end with a weak hand, but who ended up touching a set or a sequel.

Should we lose all hope of winning? No, but only if you play tight, that is to say only the best hands, and taking care to observe other people around the table. You will eventually discover who is a gambler, who barely knows the rules, who on the contrary certainly plays regularly …

If you are keen to refine your practice, you can read this article for beginners . One thing is certain: at this game, for once, it is not the establishment that risks plucking you , but the other players! The croupier will be satisfied only to draw a commission on the won pots.