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We Play Online Casino Games – What Games are Available?

Over the past few years, the online gambling industry has been growing rapidly. Thanks to modern technological civilization, online casinos can provide players with so many interactive games.

There are a number of online casinos where we need to download client software, and then connect to the Internet before you can start playing. However, because of the advantages of cloud computing, we do not even need to download the client to your computer.

Casino game

Many online casinos when it offers the best casino games go through your browser. In fact, if you want to play casino games not only at home, you can also download the mobile software offered by the company to our smartphone and start playing from anywhere. It helps random players to play and earn money beside when they have spare moments. If you need the tutorial on how to register to the game, you can click daftar maxbet here.

Here are a number of casino games that you can play online.

Slot machine

Maybe the very popular casino game that you can experience online is slot. The most fun slot, especially for those who can play correctly. It’s really based on luck, and the fun of the game is what keeps people going up again. If we are lucky and you want to double the initial deposit without using any capabilities, the slot is a good idea. This is the most interactive game that will give us excitement for hours!

Black Jack

The game, shown in the movie “21”, is a very popular game in the casino world. The purpose of blackjack is pretty simple; You need to get a card, the amount that must be as close as possible to 21. The dealer will appear in the game, so it’s urgent that you know the strategy used before the match. All games are best designed, and they contain the sound effects of laden and spectacular graphics that everyone loves.


Another game based on luck is roulette. Some people, swept away, lose not a bit of money while playing roulette. But if you play right, roulette can help you win a stable amount of funds. Currently, there are a number of roulette options available, as well as the kind of opposite bets you can work on to increase your chances of winning. Roulette can be fun entertainment, especially for ordinary players. All you need to do is bet on a certain number or color.


Poker is a game based on the ability to use the best card available to you. At the casino you can choose an opposing poker game and get started. There are not a few different possibilities for people who want to play their favorite online casino games, especially when it comes to many poker versions.

Hope you have a successful game guys. Godspeed.

The Most Popular Game to Play Online Cards Game Nowadays

In addition to the advancement of the present era, there are no questions that have a significant influence on the constraints and patterns that have been developed, one example in terms of gambling.

The world of bets today because it is set to enter a very vital stage where the development is very rapid. Modern technology has finally become the dominant aspect that is very supportive behind the success of the game, especially Online that raises his name.

A betting system that uses modern web technology as a location to find access to more and more online-based online gambling practices.

Today’s Popular Online Betting Cards

So do not be surprised if the online game contained using a number of enthusiasts to wreak hobbies and also the willingness to earn money in gambling Popular Online Betting Today.

If flashbacks remain in the past, this is definitely not a new thing for Indonesians who are used to gambling or gambling. For those who have played and / or ultimately become excellent for all the betting to gamble to utilize online media as a technique to play.

As is often the card in use to play in general usually is a domino card or playing cards, although in the online casino itself, there are still many types of cards used or used as among games in the game play. But even the type of cards Remi and Domino card is a type of card that still exists also this game has its own magnet so it is very popular among casino players today.

The most prominent card bets today are the choice of casino players for financial gain, consisting of:

You who can often play casino video games definitely will not know anymore with this one game. Yes, the name of this video game is Baccarat. The game is a card game, in which the player will compare the value of the card owned by the Banker and also the Player. So, if you can find out exactly how the game circulation, your chances to win a video game would be better. Not only that, gamers also have the option to bank on Tie (series) when the number of numbers in the Player and Lender coincide.

Online poker games are not uncommon to be games that may not be the flagship in Indonesia, but all the world has fallen in love with this online poker game and by coincidence with this technique. Why is it called like that? because as with top techniques and skills against other players, you can win with not so good enough cards with much more and better cards. will surely make your opponent tremble by giving up the reverse selection of the results that should happen, because you give them hard options.

In your country Indonesia regular capsa game is not rare once played by not a few people in general. Players play 4 people to their maximum limit and to play solely using sepack playing cards. All players get thirteen cards to be played to be very big or best cards versus so few or three of your opponents. How to play in this card or game game is the five bottom card is the line of cards that must be made in the strongest nilat and also leading row. The middle card should not be higher than the card below, otherwise the top card value should not exceed the card value between the two. A combination of strategies you can do openly while obeying the order of cards used.

Ceme or Domino Suppliers are easy-to-play business card games that you can play in all the world’s leading on-line gambling agencies. In this video game you are given 2 choices of choice whether we want to play a player (player) or as a dealer (dealership). Games ceme or AduQ is played by 2 players to 8 players. The players who want to play as a player will be handed a black seat. and Players who choose to be a dealer will get one red seat. If nothing works as a bet, after that the video game will not start until there is one player who becomes the supplier. In the Ceme video game, the champion is awarded with a card for as much as possible.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. See you in the next article peeps.

Why Gambling is Forbidden in the land of Islands Indonesia?

Indonesian gamblers are listed as the top 3 in Singapore. However, this matter is considered not a proposition to legalize gambling in Indonesia.

Why does this dear country not allow gambling? Whereas gambling is a big turnover in a country. Look at Las Vegas as among the world’s greatest gambling spots, see Genting in Malaysia.

In the past, in fact, Indonesia has a legal SDSB gambling officially inaugurated by the father of Governor Ali Sadikin, he once spoke “If all the members of the council do not want to proceed on the asphalt which proceeds from the proceeds of gambling please take a helicopter to lead to the House of Representatives”, so roughly he said.

Some economists have said when in Indonesia legalize gambling, all gamblers from Indonesia do not need to waste money in the country people, this business can be a foreign exchange in this country. Suppose On the island of X in this country started a gambling location, it is concentrated just there do not exist outside the island x, and there is a law if someone is playing gambling not on the location that has been provided then it is mandatory for the authorities in order to crack down .

It is not impossible even the Indonesian economy as a whole can increase, because this game is very liked by people who in fact have excess money. So it can be a source of state income.

Winning Gambling

There is a north pole of course there is a south pole, the difference is also expressed by the Chairman of Forum Warga Jakarta (FAKTA), he spoke “Do not assume to legalize gambling in Indonesia”.

Based on his statement, legalizing gambling is equivalent to other words by legalizing anesthesia. Making people have the dream of earning money many times, but actually makes the person more miserable.

“Just imagine, later unemployment does not have money, think the capital gamble 10 can be 1,000. Instead of looking for work actually spend the time and money in gambling location “he explained.

Recognition was published from his mouth, it is not a few gamblers in Indonesia who drain the money in casinos overseas. However, he believes that some Indonesians will disregard the legalization of gambling, even in isolated and isolated locations.

“Back in 2006, there was a discourse to make a casino in Kepulauan Seribu. But the community strongly denies the discourse, “he said.

It needs to be reviewed, because most gambling usually traps the poor. The following groups will want to earn money quickly through gambling lottery numbers, shuffle cards, or football scores.

But there is a dividend in gambling, not even a few reliable poker agents who even ban players under age and who are too addictive in gambling. Some dividends can be learned:

Economic Improvement: The misplaced economy that drives gambling is legalized, because gambling will benefit the country because the location of live gambling will pay the tax already in use for each business that is legal. Not only profitable for state taxes, gambling locations also increase tourism, because not a few number of annual visitors who increasingly come to come to Las Vegas and other gambling locations to play gambling. Making billions of dollars and tens of thousands of activities in all the world, legal gambling is a unique way to correct a troubled global economy.

Legal Behavior: If a person is forbidden to do what they like, then the person is not away from him, it will be closer to him, just as his business is playing gambling. If a country gambling gambling, more and more people will work on illegal gambling and go drain money in the country of people who will benefit the country because of illegal gambling laws in his country. And because this argument is not a few countries that legalize gambling and minimize the behavior of people who like to play illegal games.

Family Income: If your family is a gambling player, or even you are a professional and successful player your family is worth the bang and luck because you are able to improve the economy in the family. Because, as it is known that playing gambling will increase economic income when gamblers play well and professionally. And even more happy is, if the gambling house they come to has become legal will not create anxiety because it does not need to play with clandestine.

Entertainment: Finally, legalized gambling dividends provide a safe and unique technique for stress relief. Online gamblers who know that their legal activities will be far less likely to be less stressed than those who should ponder the bleak legal standing in a game they love.

Who’s Gonna Die in Season 9 Game of Thrones?

Who does not know Game of Thrones? The drama series of fantasy genre is launched according to a novel adaptation entitled “A Song of Ice and Fire”. The storyline tells of a world filled with political and magical elements. You who like the mysterious and mystical things, then according to follow this series. There is not a bit of character generated in the drama that is phenomenal and loaded with unexpected events. Surely you will be created always waiting for who next will be OFF?

Game Of Thrones
In Europe, there is a Betting organization that opens a gamble for this. Interested? certainly the more deg2 an watching it, in addition to the dead, fulus ente can disappear because of gambling. – – ‘Mending your analysis first a number of possibilities:

Cersei Lannister
Cersei now has a favorable position because it has the ‘iron throne’. Who would have thought the end of this aunt can also sit sweet in the hot seat after having owned by his own children Tommen and Joffrey. If witnessed from positions and interests, then Cersei Lannister has to be able to live a fairly large, ie 70%.

Olenna Tyrell
Olenna Tyrell is known as “Queen of Thorns”. Had a super furious grudge at Cersei Lannister for killing all his family. This grandmother is known amongst the clever characters and intends to work on revenge. However, Cersei Lannister still has more power, so this grandmother might win is rather small. Olenna Tyrell has a 60% chance of survival.

Samwell Tarly
Samwell Tarly became a figure who has a character the longer the stronger to be loved. If Batman has Alfred, then Jon Snow has Samwell Tarly. Actually, from so many dramas, Sam’s character is almost guaranteed to die, but it’s different in the Game of Throne, as if the author was deliberately killing a very touching character to make an unexpected tragedy of death . So in this case could be Samwell Tarly live or not is 50%.
When is a reliable agent there can be a bet like this. Watching season 9 will be super deg-degan, tv can be destroyed when the real champion created dead.

Brienne of Tarth
Brienne is a bongsor female warrior who has a noble and kind nature. However, imitating from Ned Stark, in this movie very good people would easily die. Plus, in the absence of Brienne, it looks like this movie will not have a big impact, so the analysis indicates a 40% chance for Brienne’s life.

Petyr Baelish
Petyr Baelish a.k.a Littlefinger comes as a character who very often jumps for interests, like iguanas, this om has adaptable skills in any environment and can take dividends from any condition. Petry’s character became one of the audience’s favorite to be killed in this series. The hope, Petyr Baelish must be killed by Sansa or Robin Arryn? Funnily enough, Petry has a lower chance of survival than Brienne, 35%.

Tormund Giantsbane
Tormund Giantsbane arguably became the main character for the Wildling, his friendship with Jon Snow quite liked by not a few spectators. Although Tormund is usually hard to beat, all bets predict this season is the last season of Tormund Giantsbane. Opportunities for Tormund are 25%.

Theon Greyjoy
Who is the figure who has been so miserable since season 1? yup very true, Theon Greyjoy the winner. From the time he was rushed to Winterfell, back home was not declared to be heir, shaved ‘anu’-sama Ramsay, until disalip same as his uncle and younger sister in order to be the heir of Iron Islands. The betters seem to expect Theon’s suffering to end with a 18% chance of survival.

Gray Worm
For a long time the Daenerys alliance did not fall victim, among the victims who are quite dominant is the Gray Worm leader Unsullied. Although always successful escape from death, in the next battle, this character is desired to feel defeat. And it could be his life is only about 15%.
If you go betting on the Game of Thrones, what would be like watching a soccer game while gambling. Not an invitation, please set yourself. huehuehue.



This is the most popular casino game. People imagine they can easily cash big gains and the rules are easily assimilated. In addition to those who have their habits and superstition, some players are looking for techniques or strategies to win. The reality is harder:

  • Any machine with a fixed redistribution rate , for example 80% (for € 100 that a player put in, € 80 can be paid back to him). You can not go through it.
  • It is said that by making the maximum bet each time, your odds would be slightly better and you will claim the maximum winnings. That makes you lose more when you lose, that is, often, and more, it’s just a legend.
  • You may think that the highest progressive jackpot machines , ie the jackpots that get bigger by the stakes, give you more chances to win them. This is not necessarily true, or at least it would be like thinking that the more the jackpot of the Lotto has grown, the more likely you are to win …
  • In the same vein, there is no machine more or less “hot” : even if it comes to offer a nice jackpot, the probabilities remain the same.
  • The programming of the devices is clever: for example, the reel would have made you win 1 symbol a huge gain, which makes you want to try again because “you’re almost there.” In reality, not at all …

Another emblematic game, roulette and its variations (American, French, English, European), by nature, reserves its gains only to the lucky ones. By definition, it is almost impossible to win because it is random blind.

Many will want to try a martingale , that is to say, a winning strategy every time. Basically, it consists of only bet on the red color or the black color, and to double its stake in case of loss. On paper, the technique seems infallible. In reality :

  • It is ruinous, in the sense that you must quickly bet large sums, with the risk of losing when you can no longer follow. It is indeed not uncommon for the same color to come out 10 times in a row!
  • It does not earn more than the amount of the initial bet.
  • The casinotiers know it by heart and after having doubled thus 4 or 5 turns, you will be nicely removed from the table …

In addition, some variants are the wealth of institutions. This is especially the case of the American with its extra double zero box, which optimizes the advantage for the House of more than 5%.

In sum, if the game remains one of the most entertaining, the expectation of earnings is it negative. Moreover, the smart guy who wants to put 1 token on each issue would still lose. Indeed, if the correct number comes out, you receive 35 times the bet. But there are 36 numbers!


The case of blackjack is quite different from the 2 previous, in the sense that it is not considered a game of chance . You have the choice:

  • You practice it as the uninformed lambda player who believes in his luck and loses in the medium or long term
  • You consider ways to win more often that require reflection on the game

Indeed, your decisions affect your chances of winning. A bit like poker, it is possible to calculate its odds, that is to say, its probabilities of winning the shot based on his cards and those remaining in the pack. Moreover, casinos know it and have banned the use of blackjack card counters: you must therefore proceed mentally. The thing is complex and is the privilege only rare passionate.

Here are some things everyone can consider:

  • The more cards in the game, the less favorable the statistics are.
  • Some variants are much more advantageous for the institutions, for example the progressive blackjack (the part of chance there is much more important)
  • There are sometimes rules to double, which limit this possibility only for certain totals
  • Pay attention to the redistribution rate that is indicated on your table

Like blackjack, poker is a strategy game, as long as you want to progress and not be put off by odds calculations.

However, the case is a bit more complex because you play against opponents. But even when calculating your odds appropriately, most of them will play at random and will bet according to their mood … Also, even a good player can suffer some disappointment against an opponent who followed to the end with a weak hand, but who ended up touching a set or a sequel.

Should we lose all hope of winning? No, but only if you play tight, that is to say only the best hands, and taking care to observe other people around the table. You will eventually discover who is a gambler, who barely knows the rules, who on the contrary certainly plays regularly …

If you are keen to refine your practice, you can read this article for beginners . One thing is certain: at this game, for once, it is not the establishment that risks plucking you , but the other players! The croupier will be satisfied only to draw a commission on the won pots.

Why you lose at the Casino

The casinos, whether terrestrial or online, have a sulphurous reputation: they are considered as places of perdition managed by people more or less shady … which does not prevent many of us from returning . Yet we are almost all losers in the longer term.

Why do we leave feathers? To reject the sole responsibility on the casinos would be too easy, even if their existence is obviously due to their economic profitability.

It’s up to us not to be fooled by becoming aware of their interests and disciplining our practice, so that the game remains a pleasure and eventually to win a little more often.


From the outside, all  the casino cities in the world  have in common:

  • Enhancing the game rooms with lights, chrome and a sense of luxury: they are a place of pleasure
  • The promise of easy winnings: you will come out maybe rich

But it is clearly within the casino itself that everything is done for you to spend a maximum of your nest egg. Even when you win, it’s unlikely you’ll come out with your winnings. Here’s why.


Once past the gates of the casino and after a few moments spent playing, the rooms are designed in such a way that you will not have the same notion of space, nor the same time :

  • A casino is not a single, large, well-lit room. The interior architecture is such that it has many nooks, and the lighting, far from being violent, creates a cozy atmosphere unfavorable to a clear view of the place. The biggest are even real labyrinths, so you’ll spend a lot of time tempted by the games on your way.
  • Clocks are very rare so you stay longer : the longer you stay, the more you play and the more chances you have to lose everything. Rare windows and quickly drawn curtains also allow casinos to play on the lack of clear distinction between day and night.



This stems in part from the previous points, but it requires other tips, some well known:

  • Noise and flashing of the winning slot machines
  • Complicity of the croupiers with the winners; encouragement from them against the losers
  • Sometimes, gifts to the key if you play a little more, depending on countries and institutions: discount on the hotel night or meal, free drinks, cigarettes, 10% of chips offered …
  • Here again, depending on the country, some bus services pick up regular customers at home … and in private jet the biggest!
  • Online, some make the withdrawal of winnings difficult … the time you play them and lose!

For anecdote: a member of our editorial staff experienced the latest case from the inside several years ago.Working at a small bookmaker abroad, he was confronted with the case of a player who won several tens of thousands of euros, a very substantial sum that could have endangered society. Resolved to pay honestly, it has however left a period of several days. It was enough for the player in question to lose all of his winnings! 


How can a pregnant woman or an octogenarian play for up to 24 hours in a row?  The answer is simple: the environment makes you forget fatigue more efficiently than 1 liter of Red Bull.

The ergonomics of the seats, first of all, have been specially designed to make the sitting posture comfortable for several hours at a stretch. In addition, the lighting is such that eye fatigue is very limited, including when you are spellbound by a slot machine.

More surprisingly, the institution’s “olfactory signature” has smells stimulating the hormones of well-being and excitement in your brain: it’s science at the service of gambling!


Have you ever wondered why croupiers are generally young and dynamic? This is certainly because their remuneration is attractive, but not only: their job is to siphon as much as possible your portfolio. The moral problem that is posed to them, especially in the face of the players they know to be addicted or in distress, does not usually hold them much more than 4 or 5 years …